Monday, 10 May 2010


Yael Schmidt
Transporter, Video Installation
The installation consists of multiple life-size videos projected onto low white plinths. Each projection sees a person engaged in a typically private activity such as sleeping, bathing and day dreaming. The 'bathers' and 'sleepers' are filmed from above and projected from the ceiling. The standing figures are projected onto plinths, which are attached to the walls of a gallery space. The floor projections suggest the arrangement of a graveyard whilst those on the walls become more conventional windows to other spaces.
My video recordings are in many ways like still images and for the most part movement is reduced to miniscule activity such as breathing. At times these individuals shift, turn or scratch then return to an almost motionless pose of preoccupation. Each video recording is a different length (of time) ranging from 40 seconds to 5 minutes. The projections are looped, fading in and out of the plinths and are set up in relation to each other to provide a rhythmic visual experience. In the interim time between projections the plinths as a structure are seen clearly and emphasised as sculptures in their own right.
My work is concerned with consciousness and stretching time through moving still imagery. I am concerned with imagery that is “charged” with implications and disconnect from its origin: in this case the private activity of sleep, bathing or daydreaming is frozen, lengthened then “locked” into a plinth. My interest tries to bring into focus the fragile ethereal nature of projections with the construction of sculptural installations that are transient openings to another reality.
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