Wednesday, 3 November 2021



Lorna McCurdy - bookbinding
Aimee Alice Payton - upholstery and lampshades 
Thorn Smith - woodwork
Anne Payton - painting and prints
Harriet Coleridge - ceramics
Mary Lowry - weaving
Charlotte Berry - jewellery
Lots of lovely art - art boxes
Victoria Baker - leather bags
Jane Body - natural wreaths
Gaia Botanics - artisan soap
Andrew Hazelden- ceramics
Kate Wilkinson- jewellery
Louise Arthur - basketry
Hannah Elizabeth - prints and illustration
Michael j Amphlett - wood carving
Frances Boyle - jewellery
Freya Barton - painting
Yvette Phillips - embroidery 
Jon Townsin - woodwork
Eric Michell - interior pieces

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