Friday, 29 April 2011

Juliet Hookey

Juliet Hookey

For the last year I have been working on a body of work that explores the themes of water concealment. This has mainly been through experimentation with photographing different water scenes. I have been photographing Landscapes for over 10 years, starting with my local river to places all over the world, looking back at this work recently it shows a very high majority of these images were based on water scenes. From the local River Thames to the Cornish Coastline to Iguazu Falls in Brazil to Lake Titicaca in Peru, water has always been a strong occurring theme. This has developed from spending a lot of time on the river and being greatly influenced by Impressionist Artists from studying them at school. Their paintings of beautiful, vibrant landscapes and atmospheric scenes have always been of interest. The effects of light on water were captured in many of the Impressionists work.
Water conceals a lot from our sight, a combination of elements work perfectly to aid this concealment, light reflection, line of sight, environment all play a part to mask what’s beneath. In my photographs I have looked at ways in which to capture these elements, taking photographs at dawn and dust, on bright sunny days where a lot of reflection is produced and playing with different angles for added effects.

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