Friday, 29 April 2011

Sue Diffey

Sue Diffey: BA 2011
Medium: Oils, printmaking, drawing, mixed media.

Enquiry summary:
My interest lies in exploring spacial sequences using humble and sometimes repetitive forms.
Enquiry Statement:

“In Quantum Physics even a stationary form or object contains energy which is locked within its atoms. This contained, pure energy is not fixed or determined but in a continual state of flux between matter and anti-matter; perfectly counter-balanced and identical as a mirror image”. This principle is also embraced through Buddhism in the teachings of The Heart Sutra, “Emptiness is Form, Form is Emptiness” My work hopes to celebrate this wonderful juxtaposition of contradictions: stillness and energy.
Sue Diffey was tutored by the late Cecil Collins at Central St.Martins in the 1970s.

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